What do we perceive

as beautiful?

This was my final showcase project during my time at the School for Poetic Computation (SFPC). We had ~1-week to do it, but my entire time at SFPC informed my project. I wanted to address the following questions with my installation:

Originally, I wanted to do a critique about physical beauty standards, but because of our time constraints, I decided to move toward a more generalized approach. I was inspired by Stefan Sagmeister's Beauty project:

I created a web-based game called What do we perceive as beautiful? with a goal to create the most beautiful thing from the set of objects. Everyone was constrained to the same set of geometries. After a person is done drawing, they see everyone else's creation. Here is a demo of the entire experience:

During the showcase, I observed people interacting with the display and found that people tended to fall into two camps: disorder and order. Here is a compilation of some of their interactions:

At the end of day 2, there were over 100 different beautiful things in the gallery:

I still need to analyze all the creations, but in general, people tended to want to get rid of the shapes that felt constraining: the large rectangle and the lopsided blob. I also created a process zine to showcase how my time at SFPC led me to create this project:

In the future, I hope to expand on this idea more to be about actual faces! I also hope to put the game online, so that people can interact with it outside of the showcase.