Mobile Design

Pen Pal


Pen Pal, is an application that will help children from around the world interact with each other easily. Through this app, we hope that students from different environments can learn from each other and create an awareness of other cultures. This app was created throughout the course of a semester in CS 160, User Interface Design at UC Berkeley. Read the full documentation here. Below I've highlighted some aspects of the project.

Promo Video

Created with Illustrator, After Effects, Premiere


This interactive prototype was created using Illustrator and Keynote. We presented this as our final iteration in order to show how different interactions connect with each other.

Userflow v. 1

This was the first iteration of a user flow showing how users would complete different tasks from start to finish. We brought these designs to various users to get feedback. We found that younger children have trouble deciphering which aspects of the design were buttons ("pressable"). The start screen was also confusing as we grouped previously read messages with unread messages.

Userflow v. 2

This was the final iteration of a user flow showing how users would complete different tasks from start to finish. We made various changes to features and tweaked designs based on user feedback and research. Here are notable changes:

  • Customizable Stamps: We wanted to give each student a personal identity. Similar to an avatar, users can display their own personalities within his/her own stamp. Using stamps also helps bridge barriers between different cultures.
  • Button Redesign: In this iteration, we redesigned certain buttons in the interface so that they looked more pressable. We also tried to make the button targets larger.
  • Message History: We added a separate feature for a message archive. Before, we had the message archive as part of the general "Messages" screen. In this iteration, we added a separate feature where users would be able to click on a friend and view his/her chat history with that one person.
  • Branding

    I created a set of branding guideline to ensure that the app had a consistent look and feel. We decided to go with brighter colors as children were are main target users.

    Read the full report here.