Mobile Design



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When we discuss problems in education, socioeconomic and political factors spring to mind. However, we frequently overlook the most important factor: the individual student. Even as California’s continued fiscal disinvestment from public education becomes an increasing concern, we too often fail to see students as individuals and not statistics. Does each student know how to link his/her interests and education to future careers? Are students with financial concerns aware of scholarships and of flexible programs provided by their community college? Finally, how can students connect their education to the world around them?

This mobile application addresses these issues and integrates them into a single experience that accounts for the user’s personal and academic needs, allows exploration of educational options and resources, and links the user to friends and educators. The app would employ data visualization (for example, a node-branch style display for different pathways) to enable students to easily compare and plan possible paths on their own terms. Once students are more aware of the academic steps (e.g. “Complete IGETC curriculum”) necessary for various paths, they will more readily take steps to achieve them.

Mobile UI

Teacher UI