Talks & Workshops

Intro to Graphic


I taught an Intro to Graphic Design Workshop at Khan Academy as a part of Tuesday Teaching Time (TTT)! The purpose of this workshop was to show that graphic design is based upon simple rules.

Shape, Color, & Layout

I used shapes and Pixar characters to explain basic graphic design principles.

Circles are friendly whereas squares are rigid and "angrier"
The power of scale.
Creating a basic illustration with shapes, color, and scale.

Emotions Activity

To practice new graphic design principles, groups of students selected a random emotion to convey using simply shape, color, &, layout! Here are some examples I made for the class. Try to guess what emotion they represent 😱


Students used sticky notes, scissors, and glue to craft their emotion:

As a class, we tried to guess each emotion.

Movie Posters

For the remainder of the workshop, we created movie posters for Disney movies using the same principles. Students used Keynote to design their posters! Here's an example I provided for Ratatouille.

And here are some student-made posters!